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Curriculum Vitae


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+ 52(55) 5729 6000 ext 56569, facsímil: 5586 2936

Home Telephone:
+52(55) 5595 5075; 5683 6932; facsímil: 5668 1250

Electronic Mail::
a dot guzman at acm dot org    aguzman at alum dot mit dot edu


Birth Place:
Ixtaltepec, Oaxaca, México.

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High School

Physics and Mathematics High School No. 3, Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN, or National Polytechnic Institute), Mexico City, MEXICO.

From IPN during all the studies period

  • First place, entrance examination (1st in  5000)
  • Member of the Governing Board of the IPN, 1960
  • Member of the Honors Commission of said Board.

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Under Graduate Studies.

Escuela Superior de Ingenieria Mecanica y Electrica (ESIME, or School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering), IPN.

From ESIME during all the studies period

Member of the Governing Board. 1963. As students’ representative..

Communications and Electronics Engineer. (B. Sc.). Professional Certificate (as a Communications Engineer): #142197 (Mexico).

CONVERT. design of a language for Symbol Manipulation and its Corresponding Processor. CONVERT is a language like Snobol, written in LISP. Later, this work was translated to English language by the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, USA. After that it was translated to Braille.

Electric Engineering, Computation, Symbol Manipulation.

Thesis Director:
Harold V. McIntosh.

Telecommunications Expert:
License No. 126. It is a permit issue by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, to Electronic Engineers, enabling them to certificate and validate telecommunication and teleprocessing equipment; it is renewed each year. There are about 400 Telecommunication experts in all the country.

Perito en Informática:
Registrado en el CIME (Colegio de Ingenieros Mecánicos y Electricistas).

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Graduate Studies
Electrical Engineering Department, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, Mass. USA.

Research Assistant in Project MAC (Now, Laboratory for Computer Science), MIT, as a graduate student.

Master of Science

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (Computer Science),  MIT. February of 1967.

Some aspects of Pattern Recognition by Computer.

Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing.

Thesis Director:
Marvin L. Minsky.

Ph. D. Studies

Ph. D in Computer Science, December of 1968, MIT.

Computer Recognition of Three Dimensional Objects in a Visual Scene.

Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Vision.

Thesis Director:
Marvin L. Minsky.

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Spanish (native tongue). English. Italian (read). French (read).

contenido del Curriculum Vitae

Association for Computing Machinery. USA. Member # 1110550 AMC
Academia de Investigacion Cientifica; later, Academia de Ciencias in Mexico (AMC, or Mexican Academy of Sciences). AI
Academia de Ingenieria (Mexico) (Mexican Academy of Engineering). Member (since 1999). In 2001, AMI and ANI merged to become AI (Academy of Engineering).

See the invitation to the ceremony due to the entrance of A. Guzmán to the Academy (in Spanish) AMICEE
Asociacion Mexicana de Ingenieros en Comunicaciones Electricas y Electronica (Mexican Association of Engineers in Electrical Communication and Electronics). Mexico. [1983-1985: Also, its Technical Secretary] ANI
Academia Nacional de Ingenieria (National Academy of Engineering). Mexico. Founder.

1994. Colegio de Ingenieros en Comunicaciones y Electronica (Association of Communication and Electronic Engineers). Mexico CIME
Colegio de Ingenieros Mecanicos y Electricistas. Mexico. An association of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

1997: Science Board of Goverment. Mexico. IEEE
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. USA. Senior Member # 5230388 NYAS
New York Academy of Sciences. Member (since 1998). USA # 473151

1984: National System for Researchers. (1984: Level 3. 1998: Level 2; 2002: Level 3).

contenido del Curriculum Vitae          HONORS

New York City.

Feb 2003. The Association for Computing Machinery named me nombró "ACM Publications Board Member".
See notification letter.

New York City. (Induction ceremony: San Diego, CA. June 2003)

2002. The Association for Computing Machinery nemed me Fellow of the ACM, “For contributions to image understanding and shape similarity, and for advancing the state of the art and the education in Computer Science in Mexico.” 

  Further information:

See the note published on COMMUNICATIONS journal "ACM Fellows" and notification letter.

New Jersey,USA.

2002. I am in  “Who is Who in The World” 2002 (Marquis Who is Who).
See diploma
See notification letter
See my biography published on "Who's Who in te World" 2002

Mexico City

Invitation to have dinner with the president of Mexico, Dr. Ernesto Zedillo due to the visit of the Minister of Island, 1999.
See invitation

Mexico City

May 1997. “Lazaro Cardenas” Award. Highest award conferred by IPN. Given by Dr. Ernesto Zedillo, President of Mexico.

Mexico City

December 1996. National Prize of Science, in “Technology and Design” field. Award given by Dr. Ernesto Zedillo, president of Mexico.

Salina Cruz, Oax. Mexico

May 1996. “Distinguished Citizen”, recognition given in Public and Solemn Session by the City Government, due to outstanding trajectory.

See Adolfo Guzmán Speach when is recognized as Distinguished Citizen” published on "El Regional" news.
See the recognition certificate

Mexico City

July 1994. National Award in Information System, Given by the Mexican Academy of Informatics.
See the note published on COMPUTER WORLD news paper "Adolfo Guzmán, premio al mérito informático de la AMIAC"


Member of the Award Committee, KYOTO Prize in in Science and Technology. Kyocera Co. Equivalent in amount to the Nobel Prize.

Mexico City

January 1986. Godfather of the alumni (generation “Dr. Adolfo Guzman-Arenas”) of Computer Engineers of ENEP-Acatlan, UNAM. 20 alumni.

Porto Alegre

July 1985. Invited by the Brazilian Society on Computers and IFIP as keynote speaker.

Mexico City

July 1984. “National Researcher, Level 3” (highest). Recognition given by the National Researchers System, a Federal Gov’t. organization founded that year. 1998: After my stay in USA I got back to SNI, this time with level 2. 2002: Level 3.

Merida, Mexico

1983-84. Vice-President and later, President of Asociacion Nacional de Instituciones para la Educacion en Informatica (ANIEI, or National Association of Institutions for Education in Informatics).

Nueva York

1982. IEEE Senior Member # 5230388

Morelia, Mexico

January, 1982. Awarded with the prize “Alejandro Medina Conference” given for first time for people with outstanding career in Computer Science.

Mexico City

August, 1979. Godfather of the alumni (“Dr. Adolfo Guzmán Arenas” generation) of Computer Science Undergraduate Program, UPIICSA-IPN. 50 alumni.


January 1978. Invited to the 100 year anniversary of the Ecole Nationale Supèriéure des Telecommunications.

Mexico City

August 1977. Honorific _Mention, “BANAMEX Award of Science and Technology”, Agriculture area, together with other colleagues, for the work “Detection and quantification of agricultural resources: computerized analysis of pictures taken from airplane and satellite;” awarded by the President of Mexico


1973-1986. Funding Member of the International Committee for Pattern Recognition, which later became the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR). I was member of its governing Board until 1986.


June 1972-75 Member of the committee in Computers at International Federation of Automatic Control, IFIP.


January 1971. Invited by the Tata Institute for Fundamental Research, India, to participate as speaker in the seminar Visual Mechanisms and Form Perception. January 25- February 6.


September 1968. Invited to work in the Department of Quantum Chemistry, University of Uppsala, Sweden. Two months


August 1968. Professor at the NATO Summer School on Automatic photo interpretation and classification of images.

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EDITORIAL WORK  Editor of Journals and Books collections

New York City 
2003:  Member of the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Publications Board. It supervises the publication of all the journals, transactions and magazines of the ACM, including their Digital Library.

Mexico City
2000: Member of the Editorial Science Board, Fund of Economic Culture. “Fondo de Cultura Económica”. Books. 

Mexico City 
1999-to date: Associate Editor, "SCIENCE" (dissemination magazine), published by the Mexican Academy of Sciences.

Mexico City
1997: Editor, Collection of Computer Science, Fund of Economic Culture "Fondo de Cultura Económica“ (editorial); IPN and UNAM (co-patrons). Series of text and consult  books.
1996-2002. Chief Editor, Computación y Sistemas, Computing Journal  disseminated nationally and refereed  for original contributions in English, Spanish and Portuguese .
Mexico City

1997-2002 Founding Member and Editor in Chief, Computación y Sistemas, scientific journal devoted to Computer Science, published by Instituto Politécnico Nacional and UNAM.

Scottsdale, Arizona 
 1986: Associate editor, Pattern Recognition. So far (2003). Journal. Pergamon. 

1984: Associate editor and founder member  of the Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, those obligations finished in 1986. Beginning in 1989: Editor in that area for the mentioned journal.

February 1982:  Associate Editor  and funder member of the Journal Pattern Recognition Letters. North Holland Publishing Co. I continue so far (2003)  

April 1978: Associate editor and founder member  of  Journal of Geoprocessing (Geodata, Geosystems Digital and Mapping). Elsevier Publishing. (This journal not longer exists) 

New York
March 1971: Associate editor and founder  member of the international journal Computer Graphics and Image Processing, Academic Press. Now it is named Computer Visión, Graphics and Image Processing. (I was editor for several years; I am no longer).

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