The CIC International Students Association (CIC-ISA)

The CIC International Students Association (CIC-ISA) is a registered student organization at CIC IPN. CIC-ISA plans and coordinates a variety of programs and activities to enhance international understanding and friendship. The principal aim of CIC-ISA is to provide International students with the opportunity to experience and appreciate different cultures and promote international association. They organize some cultural, social, and recreational events that give students the opportunity to interact with a variety of cultures further enriching their college experience. The activities include breaking the barriers in speaking English, foreign movie nights, dance nights, soccer, barbecues etc. They also organize some trips to Mexico. The Association invites all international students to join, not only those from foreign countries but Mexico as well. In 2018, CIC-IPN launched the first Association of International Students (CIC-ISA). The primary goal of this association is to gather international undergraduate and postgraduate students together to help them adapt and deal with everyday issues. The Association will also promote CIC-IPN on the global education market.

The International Student Association helps students resolve all issues related to academia, housing, medical care, scholarships, or material help. The Association also carries out various events unrelated to academics, for example being career seminars to help international students find work in Mexico. Also, the Association regularly carries out cultural events devoted to different countries. At such events, international students and faculty members give lectures and talk about their native countries. It has been decided that starting next year, the Association will hold a Culture Cafe by the International Student Support. The Association has big plans for development. A unique dual-language manual will be created for international first-year students and applicants, as just one example. In it, you can find information related to three main areas: first, how to prepare for your admissions interview and how to write a statement of purpose; second, what to do if you are accepted - which documents to bring to Mexico, where and when to arrive, how to find accommodation in Mexico; and third, how to begin your studies, manage your time, and succeed after your first set of exams. Students can also go to the Associations Facebook page for answers to any of the questions mentioned above. Association representatives will ensure that the page contains information not only in English but Spanish as well.